Monday, September 17, 2012

Sleeping Problems Intervention Day Four

Last night was an bad night. Ahhhh, our routine went haywire. The “crying it out”method, did not go like it was suppose to and we do not know why but let’s examine yesterday. 

Yesterday morning was good, nap time went smoothly. You went down easily after just a few cries, and some noises but after a few patting on the back, and you fell asleep. After you woke up, you went on a play date. You came home, showered, had dinner, and went right to sleep (which was earlier than you usually go to sleep but you were exhausted). It was easy putting you down to sleep and you did not wake until three hours later.

Now here’s where everything went bad… woke up three hours later, nursed, and fell back to sleep with a few pats on the back. Up again two hours later, refused to go back to sleep, refused to lie down in your crib, and screamed your head off. Mommy went to get your cereal in the bottle but you refused that as well. Okay, tried sleeping on Mommy’s bed but took over an hour to put you back to sleep and Mommy nursed you to sleep. Slept for an hour and woke up again and wanted to be nursed again. The patting on your back did not work at all, you were tossing and turning, scratching your head, and did not want to be touch, lol. Nursed you again, while lying down on Mommy’s bed, and fell asleep for two hours. By that time, it was 5am in the morning, nursed again and slept until around six or seven in the morning.

We did not follow bedtime routine well of reading Lina’s<3 bedtime story, you did not get your cereal in a bottle of milk, you were not suppose to be pick up, and you were not suppose to sleep with Daddy and Mommy in our bed. These could be the reason why you did not sleep well. It could had been your teething process (you have two bottom teeth, and two more coming on top, Yay for teeth). It could had been the symptoms of your eczema. It could had been that you just wanted to play.

Well tonight, we are sticking to the routine! and I hope it continues to work. We are setting you up for your own room, hoping that it will be better for your sleeping habit but it is not done yet. We, the parents, want you to have your own room, and do not want you to have your own room as well…such a dilemma. You had slept in the same room with us since the day you were born and even before that too when you were in Mommy’s belly.

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