Thursday, September 6, 2012

Terrible A.M.

Lina <3, you had a terrible night last night, early morning and this morning. You had been scratching non stop since the middle of the night. You spent the night in our bed and that did not make you sleep better. Up every hour, scratched, scratched, and did not fall back to sleep easily at all, starting after 12a.m. I even nursed you back to back, hoping you would sleep better but it did not help much. Daddy was up as well trying to soothe you by rubbing your head, massaging your belly and body. It was obvious that you are tired, yet you still wanted to play with Daddy and Mommy. Tried to make you understand that there is playtime and there is sleeping time by having Mommy not be playful with you when it is time to sleep. It is kind of cute when you wake up in the middle of the night and want to play, you would toss and turn and roll over, and bump into Mommy on one side and bump into Daddy on the other side. Daddy and I pretend to be asleep and not indulgence your playfulness when it is time to sleep.

The scratching and itchiness was intense int he middle of the night and this morning. Daddy and I felt so helpless and powerless when it comes to the itchiness that you get. Luckily, we have the Scratch Me Not Mittens which works wonders to stop you from drawing blood from all the scratching. You still scratch even with the mittens on. I constantly tell you "no scratching" as I removed your hand(s) from where you are scratching. Oh what to do, what to do, what to do? HELP!

After cleaning you up  and moisturizing you this morning, you were still scratching and itchy. So we washed you up again, moisturized you again, and changed your clothes, an hour later, which seemed to help a little. We played on Mommy's bed and you were happy, smiling, laughing, and mostly importantly, not scratching! After an hour of playing, you finally wanted to be nursed, and asleep you went and still sleeping for an hour now :) Sleep my baby, and let's have a good afternoon.

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