Sunday, September 16, 2012

First Play Date

Today, Lina<3 had her first play date. You went to meet a friend of yours, Madelyn, (the daughter of Mommy's friend) at her house. Lina<3 love going to new places. You had a very good time.

When we first got there, you were shy and cried when Mommy's friend held you. After a few minutes, you were smiling,  looking around, and standing by Mommy. Then you saw a green teddy bear on the floor, you went for it right away, that broke the ice (so to speak), and after that you were very comfortable. When you crawled to the teddy bear, Madelyn did not like that you want her teddy bear, and came over right away and snatch it away. Madelyn was not very friendly with Lina<3 until the end of the play date. Madelyn was very shy, possessive, and did not want to play with you. When Madelyn took her teddy bear back, Mommy gave you your own doll to play with, but Madelyn wanted that too, lol. Her mother was there to redirect her. You crawled all over the floor, and putted toys in your mouth that does not belong in your mouth, as it is not your toys and it is not your house, lol. After a while, you started to babble loudly. You had fun with Mommy's friend because she was making you smile, and babble. When it was time to say good bye, Madelyn wanted a hold Lina<3 which was so cute, but Lina<3 was getting restless (so it meant that it was time to go, lol).

It was so nice watching you interact with Madelyn because you were such a social butterfly, always wanting to play and share with her. My goodness you are going to play dates, time is really flying by fast. 
(Madelyn and Lina<3 playing on the floor)
(Madelyn trying to give Lina<3 a hug, but Lina<3 did not want one)
(Mommy's friend, Auntie Monique, with Lina<3)
(All of us, last picture)

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