Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2days off + weekend + Labor Day = Daddy Time

A whole five days with Daddy, Lina <3 loved every minute of it. For me, it was great, I got to relax a little, just a little, lol. Even with your Daddy home, Mommy only relaxed a little. You played with Daddy on the floor. You took walks with Daddy up and down the block. Daddy hung outside the house with you as you love being outside, watching the cars go by and watching the neighbors go about their business. You laughed, giggled, and smiled a lot because of the silly antics that Daddy was doing. Daddy changed your diapers, washed you up, fed you, brushed your hair, changed your clothes, put you to sleep, read to you, played with you, and moisturized you a lot. These are the daily things that Mommy usually do, but Daddy took good care of my little Lina <3. It was excellent to have the extra pair of hands to help me out with you.

Besides being home with your Daddy, and taking short walks with him, you also ran errands with him. On Sunday, we went to Micro Center, Eisenhower Park-Nassau County Craft & Gift Fair, Whole Foods, and Waldbaum's. Going to all these different places, you handled it well and did not cry or fuss. You took short naps while in the car, and always wake up when the car stops. However, you did sleep the whole time we were in Whole Foods which was the first time you and I ever been in there. After all that, we also went to your auntie's house for a BBQ  :) It was nice seeing all your aunties, cousins, and other family members. You had a good time interacting with them. You were held by all your aunties and you went willingly to them. It was a good night until you got restless and needed to go home and sleep. You slept okay when we got home.

Labor Day was a nice relaxing day at home with just the three of us. We woke up, played, ate, played, slept, ate, played. :)

Lina <3, you love every minute with your Daddy and as do I :) We love long weekends and hoping the next one comes soon ...

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