Letter to My Princess Lina

To my little Lina <3, my princess (or princessa as I like to call you at times), my little dumpling, my little Peking Duck (Daddy calls you that sometimes)

This blog is all about you and for you as my gift to you. I do not want to overlook any moments that we have and will continue to have in the future. I do not want to miss any laughs, giggles, "ahh" noises that you make, your "rolly polly" movements, the ways you stare or look up at your Daddy and me, your grunting and squealing noises, and the ways in which you play and learn. Oh, let's not forget the crying and screaming. I want to document it all for you as well as share with other mothers and families. I hope that you know that this blog is done with the best of intentions, with all my love, and with all my heart. You are a part of me and I want to make your life as beautiful as I can (and Daddy can). It will be Mommy posting the majority of the time. I had wanted to start this blog since the day you were born but I was so busy with you. You are indeed a handful, and in need of special, and undivided attention from your Mommy.  Our mother and daughter moments will be capture here.

Since the day I found out that you were coming into my life, I was overwhelm with joy and happiness. Each step that was taken since then, was all for your benefit, your well-being, your health, and your happiness. You can't imagine how much you are love by your Mommy, Daddy, and your family. We love watching you change, grow, develop, and learn.

You are the love of my life. You are my everything. Mommy will do anything for you so you'll stay always happy, smiling, laughing, giggling, and playful. I also know that you won't always be in a good mood, and will cry/scream at times. I hope that when you get older that you will continue to tell and share with me everything, as you are now with all the smiles, laughter, noises/babble and grunts. I wonder what you will grow up to be, will you be a shy little girl, will you be social, will you be eccentric, will you like music, will you like to dance, will you like school, what kind of clothes will you like, will you be talkative like Daddy, will you have your Daddy's "sense of humor", will you be taller than Mommy (Mommy is short lol), will you be a picky eater, will you it be easy for you in school, which subject(s) will you like in school.... so many questions, so much to wonder about... well, we will have to wait and see...

I love you always and forever. muah muah muah (kisses for my little girl)

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  1. lol, Hey Kim, It's your brother. I remember when you were visited shortly before you announced it. I knew you were getting fat. hahaha.

    I said it too hahahaha. love you'se.