Hello and Welcome to All About Lina<3  and  Serena:)  aka Daddy's Little Monsters !!

It really is All About Lina<3  and  Serena:) , who are half Chinese, and half Trinidadian.  There are two lovely parents in their life whom love them very much - Mommy is Chinese, and Daddy is Trini.

Serena:) schedule is all about nursing, pooping, sleeping, crying, tummy time, and being more alert, running after her sister, screaming, speaking, climbing, coloring/painting, art projects, and causing trouble. Lina<3 schedule is all about eating, sleeping, diaper changes, potty training, playing, crawling/walking/running/jumping, laughing/smiling/screaming/crying/grunting/giggling/growling, story times, meal times where she feeds self (includes solids and breast milk and chopped up foods),  music/dancing/singing and being creative with art projects.  The two favorite people whom they loves to play with are their parents.

There will several adventure updates (because life gotten a lot busier... with Lina<3 in school, Serena:) running the household) on what is going on in their life (like learning experiences and development, multicultural background, and many more...), and the people in their lives from Mommy's perspective.  At times, I will be addressing my princess Lina<3 and my princess Serena:) in a letter format. 

All written posts are in my own words, unless it is specify otherwise.  Please feel free to make comments on any of of the posts but please be mindful that this is about my little girls, and I will not tolerate profundity.  It is like the saying goes : if you have nothing nice to say then do not say it at all.

Just like Lina<3  and Serena:) their blog will have changes.. such as life.

Sooooo please Stay Tune... and Thank You for viewing All About Lina<3  and Serena:)

Updated October 2015
Updated November 2013

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