Saturday, September 1, 2012

Introducing The Word, "No"

Now it is the time for Lina <3 to know the word, No. This week, I have been saying that word all day long that, and I am sick of hearing it. From what I been reading about your development, you should understand when Mommy tells you no. I say no to climbing the stairs, putting things that are not your toys in your mouth (like the newspaper, Mommy's cellphone, the television remote), crawling over to the doorway to the backyard, playing/touching  with the fan, and touching the garbage can or put your mouth to it. Most of the day, I say no to climbing the stairs. Sometimes, you understand me and do it anyways, lol a little troublemaker. There has been a few times when I say no, you look at me and do something else :) which makes feel like you understand me. I say no to scratching either during diaper changes, and when you are tired.

I just don't tell you no, I tell you the reason and what you can do instead. For example, when you crawled over the stairs, I say no, and take you away from the stairs and tell you that it is dangerous. As well as tell you to play with your toys instead. I hope that you do understand what I am saying. Well if you do not now, you will later on.

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