Thursday, September 13, 2012

Conversing With The Little Babbling Princess

Lina<3 my love, you are getting closer to say your first words and I can't wait. Right now you have been babbling non stop at time for a month now. At first it was just grunting noises whenever you look like you want to express something to Daddy or myself. Well, at times it still sounds like grunting noise. When you realized that Daddy and I are responding to your babbling, you started to babble more often. Sometimes, Mommy thinks the babbles that you make sounds like words, lol. You learned to art of conversation, where you say something, Mommy responds, then you say something and Mommy responds. It is the cutest thing.

Today one of our conversations went as follows:
(Setting the stage: playing in the living room, and Lina<3 decided to sit by the bottom step, with her hand touching the step as though she wanted to climb it, while Mommy was watching the whole time, ready to rush over there and snatch you up).

Mommy: "No."
Lina<3: "Eh."  (while one hand was touching the bottom step.)
Mommy: "No", (paused) "No."
Lina<3: "Eh, Eh." (touched bottom step, and looked at it.)
Mommy: "No" (very seriously.)
Lina<3: "Eeeeeehhhhh" (still touched the step and looked at me.)
Mommy: "No, it is dangerous, no climbing."
Lina<3: "Eh" (did not touched the step, but hand was hanging above the step.)
Mommy: "Come to Mommy, and play with me."
Lina<3  (looked at me, hand was away from the step and sat by the step.)
Mommy: "Come."
Lina<3: "Ehhh" (looked at the step.)
Mommy: "Come."
Lina<3 (looks at me, puts hand in mouth.)
Mommy: "Come." (placed cellphone on floor knowing that it is very enticing to you.)
Lina<3 (Finally crawls over to me or the cellphone, away from the step. Hooray!)

Sometimes this conversation repeats itself during the day, and last longer.

This is much cuter to actually witness and participate in.

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