Saturday, September 8, 2012

Simply Adorable

My little Lina <3 is just simply adorable and I love watching you sleep. Yes, you can be a handful, and a little trouble-maker, but you are my handful daughter, and my little trouble-maker.  These last few nights, we had given you cereal in a bottle as your last meal, and as the second night, so far so good and hoping for the best :) And you do not fall asleep easily, it takes an hour for you to fall asleep, we played on my bed, you fell asleep and was transfer into your crib.
Once you fall asleep on my bed, I took a long look at my daughter and just watch you sleep which I love to do ever since you were born. Lately, I have not watched you sleep and I realize tonight how adorable you still are and always been. I noticed how cute it was when you toss and turn, and stuck your buttocks in the air. I wondered what you are dreaming about, and hoped that you are not having any bad thoughts or dreams. I giggled to myself softly as your facial expressions changes. I told you in a whisper that I love you very much and more than you can ever imagine. You are my baby, my daughter, my heart, my soul, my reason for living... Daddy feels the same way. Daddy and I love you very much and more than words can ever be express. Sweet dreams, my Lina <3

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