Monday, September 24, 2012

First Roti

My Trini Girl, My Trini Girl”, that is what my little girl is, as Daddy would call you. Lina<3, you had your first authentic Trinidadian food, a homemade roti (dhal puri roti to be exact, the link is the recipe that we used and made it our own by using different spices). You enjoyed it very much :) so much that you did not eat the rest of your dinner of sweet potato, green beans and applesauce.
At first, Mommy gave you a  tiny piece of the roti, (which is the first small picture on the right), then gave you a bigger piece to eat (second smaller picture on the right), then you held the roti on your own (the big picture on the left) and the last picture on the right with a smile on your face, you were done and contented.

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