Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Dolls

Lina<3 when you were born, we were the happiest parents in the world. Hard to imagine. We had prepared almost everything for you, but we have not thought about buying you a doll, my baby girl needs dolls, little girls should have some dolls. So we were in Toy R US, we saw dolls and we’re like “Lina<3 does not have any dolls and you should have at least one”. As soon as we went over the doll section, with a helpful mother to guide us, and picked up a doll to examine if it is the right one, you were already reaching out your hands to grab it, to touch, and to put it in your mouth. We pick out two. As soon as we got home, you could not wait for the dolls, you went right to the Toy R Us bag sitting on the floor and played with it, it was so cute.

Shopping for the dolls at Toy R Us
Playing with the dolls at home

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