Sunday, September 30, 2012

Feeding Mommy and Daddy

Self feeding, it is such a wonderful thing to watch. Lina<3, you are feeding yourself very well. You have perfected the pincer grasp which is essentially when learning how to feed yourself. The pincer grasp is using your index finger and thumb to pick up food, or other small toys. It took you a while and a lot of practice with the Morning Os (organic Cheerios like). When you first learned how to feed yourself, you would stuff a lot of Morning Os into your mouth haphazardly. Now you have more control over your hands, you can hold more than one Morning Os in your hand, and hold more with your other hand. You are sharing with Mommy  :) You hold out your arm, and hand has Morning Os and Mommy respond right away, and open my mouth for you to put the Morning Os inside. It took so me misses before you actually put the Morning Os into Mommy's mouth. Sometimes you trick Mommy and reach out your hand to feed me but as soon as Mommy opens the mouth, you take your hand back and feed yourself instead. It is so cute and Mommy laughs when you do that. You even feed Daddy at times.

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