Sunday, September 30, 2012

Finger Foods

Lina<3 loves to pick up your food (certain foods) with your hands. The only finger foods that you do like and actually eat are the Morning Os (organic Cheerios like), Earth's Best Organic Teething Barley biscuits, Gerber's Arrowroot Cookies, and Baby Mum-Mum Rice Crackers. Other finger foods like banana chunks, squash chunks, carrot chunks, and other food chunks, you do not like to hold in your hand. It is funny, I did not want Lina<3 eating cookies, or biscuits before the solid foods, but Mommy gives in, when the only thing you would eat is the Morning Os, and cookies for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner (along with liquids). I do know when you are done with the cookies, or the Morning Os, when you starting throwing them on the floor constantly, instead of stuffing your mouth. It is hassle to have to pick up all the Morning Os and the mess that you make, but it is also fun watching your expression, and watching you look for them on the floor. Oh, how you love to throw everything on the floor when you are on your highchair, rather it is food, toys, cup, and your bottle.

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