Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sleeping Problems Intervention Day Three

We are continuing the "crying it out" technique, and it is getting easier to put Lina<3 down to sleep. During yesterday's nap times, you could sleep from one to two hours at a time. During last night, it was still a little harder to put you down to sleep, but it was better than the first night, three nights ago. The patting on your back soothes and calms you down and let you know that Mommy will always be there to comfort you. The first night, you would cry through the patting on your back, and now it soothes and makes you drowsy. You had slept longest last night, five hours at a time, woke up a few times and needed to be patted back to sleep, and nursed you once. I am slowly decreasing your constant night time feedings to one or two a night, which will eventually stop when you can sleep through the entire night. So please continue to wish us luck!!

Please refer to Day One and Day Two for our routine schedule, if you like read more about it for naps and bedtime.

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