Monday, September 10, 2012

Taking Baby Steps

At 9 months old, you are taking baby steps, literally. Lina<3 have a walker from Vtech and have been taught how to walk with it since you were 6 months old. At first, it was tough to get you to hold onto the handle but you enjoyed the toy more that can be detach and put on the floor to play with. Little by little, walked every day with Daddy's or Mommy's help. We walked in a straight line first in one room, then in a circle, and then into another room. By 8 months old, you were walking with the walker by yourself. We were so happy for you. As you learned how to pull yourself up by holding onto different pieces of furniture, and sit back down on your own, by bending your chubby legs; you are now cruising along side the furniture, either along the sides of your crib, along side the couch, along side the coffee table, or wherever you can get yourself up and move your chubby feet. It is so adorable watching you learn how to take steps. Every morning, Mommy always encouraged you to get up and take little steps towards me on the other side of the crib before picking you up.

It is so nice for you to take baby steps and start walking with the support, but it also leads to a lot of nerve wrecking worries, and trouble. Yes, it is a part of your development :) but that does not mean  that Daddy and I can not worry, and be extra cautious when you are standing, and when you are walking along side furniture.

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