Friday, September 14, 2012

First Picnic

We had our first picnic at St. John’s University on the Great Lawn. Lina<3 and university, these two words will not go together for several years. You are not even one years old yet, and Mommy is mentioning college, lol. There you met Auntie Rosa and Father Tri, whom are both associates and friends of Mommy.
The picnic was fun, we had our own blanket to place on the lawn, and your toys to play. It was difficult trying to get you off the blanket so you can feel the grass and play with it for the first time. Daddy and I tried everything to get you off, by calling you over, and teasing you with your toys and our cellphones but that did not work. Finally Mommy placed you onto the grass but that did not last long at all, you crawled right back to the blanket. You ate your Morning Os (like Cheerios except organic) and had some water. After being on the lawn for a while, we walked around the campus and took some pictures, actually lots of pictures.

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