Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sleeping Problems Intervention Day Five

Yesterday for the most part was a good day. Sleeping was fine as well. Took two naps yesterday, one late morning and the other late afternoon. Both times, you went to sleep easily, as soon as you laid down on your crib. Mommy patted your back a few times and did not have to come back to room at all, once I left.

Last night was an okay night. Upstairs by a certain time, showered, diaper changed, moisturized, brushed your hair, read “Good Night, Moon”, had bottle of breast milk with cereal, brush your teeth. You fell asleep right away as soon as you laid down on the crib and after a few pats on the back. You slept for six hours straight. Wow! the longest you ever slept and the longest Mommy ever slept. After the six hours, you woke up, you had your diaper changed and was nursed but did not fall back to sleep, instead stayed up for an hour and the half. Then needed to be nursed in order to sleep and ended up sleeping with Mommy in the bed. Was up two hours later and needed to be nursed to sleep again. Then it was morning. Okay, Mommy is making the decision not to nurse you at night time any more, no more picking you up after you go to sleep and wake up, and will change your diaper while you are in your crib and with the lights off!

The crying it out method appears to be working well and teaching you to go to sleep and stay asleep longer for the most part. The days and nights keeping coming, we hope that you will become a better sleeper.

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