Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bump Bump

Bump here, bump there, it is alright. Sometimes it is a little bump on the head, and other times it is a big bump. When I say bump, I mean Lina <3, you bump your head. With each bumps on the head, you had never had any bruises, just some redness that goes away right afterwards.

You bump your head a lot when you are inside your crib. Almost a dozen times a day, sometimes more. It is just little bumps on the head especially when you are active and moving around a lot in there or playing. There are no crib bumper inside your crib because Daddy and I felt that you did not need it and thought it would encourage you to climb. You bumped your head a lot when you were learning to pull yourself up onto your feet and learning how to get down when you were up on your feet.

You would fall and bumped your head a few times a day when you were learning to sit up by yourself, and learning how to stand on your feet. In the beginning, it was so scary because we have hard wood floors and when you fell and bumped your head, it echoed and appeared to be a bad fall. You would cry and cry but never had any bruising or raised bumps on your head after carefully examination of your head.

Once, I had told your doctor that you had bumped your head a few times, she was like "no, do not let her fall at all, it is not good for her head and be very careful." I was not too concern with Lina <3 falling and bumping her head because you always went back to her normal smiling, giggling and happy self afterwards. Also, I had researched babies falling and hitting head a lot and read a lot of other mothers' comments/advice about it; and realize that it is normal process of development. As long as my little Lina <3 does not have any outrageous bruising, or raised bumps, you should be fine. And to be on the safe side, I always wait an hour after your fall to put you to sleep, just to make sure that you do not have any concussions.

To this day, you still bump that big head of yous. With each bump/fall, big or small, Mommy is always there to pick you right up, hugged you, tell you that it is okay and kiss your big head. There are and will be times when Mommy or Daddy is not there to pick you up right after your falls, but it is and will be okay because you should learn that Mommy or Daddy can not be everywhere at every second (though Daddy is extra cautious when you are standing as he really worries that his daughter will hurt herself).

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