Friday, September 21, 2012

Sleeping Problems Intervention Day Six, Day Seven and Day Eight

AHHH these last few days, Lina<3, your sleeping habits have not gotten any better, and it is so inconsistent. Mommy knows that you are tired. Let examine it:

Day Six (9/18/12):
Nap time was good, slept 4 hrs total, was that too much?

bedtime routine did not change, yet your night was not smooth, it was filled with crying and screaming, constant night time wakening, constant pats on your back, and constant night time feedings. Oh, there was a lot of scratching of the head, your eyes, your ears. A lot of tossing and turning. It was so sad to see because I was doing the best I can to help you sleep with little success.

Day Seven (9/19/2012):
Two naps, and each time, you did not fall asleep easily, cried, screamed, cried, for almost 20minutes at a time. Needed constant consoling and patting on your back. Once you did fall asleep, you did not stay asleep for more than one hour and half.

Bedtime routine went fine and as scheduled.  woke up one hour and half later, cried, (your Daddy told us in the morning that's why he decided to sleep on the couch, just as you woke up and started fussing and crying lol, the nerve of him) hard to put back to sleep, nursed, then up two hours later, cried, nursed, then up two later, and it all went downhill from there, every hour you were up, cried, and fell asleep.

Day Eight (yesterday):
Your two naps, one in late morning, and late afternoon, were not easy. You cried and cried right after Mommy left the room. Mommy already laid you down to sleep, said " Mommy loves you and now go to sleep" and patted your back. You had a high pitch screaming cry (which is a new noise that you have not made before this week). It is heartbreaking listening to you cry before falling asleep. Mommy only had to go back into the room twice before you settled down and slept.

Our bedtime routine of played, showered, diaper changed, moisturized, brushed hair, read your bedtime book, and a bottle of breast milk withcereal, went as planned. You still fussed and cried just as Mommy laid you down on the crib, and then as soon as Mommy patted your back, you drift off right away, but right before Mommy left the room, you screamed and cried, and got up right away and stood at the other end of the crib, by the doorway. It took an hour and half before you fell asleep, and four times, Mommy went back to the room to soothe and pat your back. Mommy did not let you cry more than 15-20minutes. Mommy knew you were tired and did not understand why you did not want to fall asleep, usually you fell asleep after the second time Mommy goes in to check on you. Finally after an hour and half, picked you up and put on Mommy's bed and laid down with you. You dozed off right away and finally asleep after 10minutes. After 20minutes, you were transferred to your crib. You slept for three hours, then up, cried, screamed, stood up on crib, and made a lot of noise; then into Mommy's bed for a feeding and asleep you went and slept another three hours (with Daddy and I on our bed); up after another three hours and fed, and then morning time.

Ahh, I don't understand why the "crying it out" method is not working as well as it did a few days ago. Lina's<3 sleeping habits are still so irregular and the crying has gotten worse. Should we continue to stick this out or try something else? Would it be easier to train you to sleep if you had your own room? Is is the teething process that is making it harder for you to sleep longer periods of time? Are you overtired? Lina<3, I wish you could answer these questions for Mommy so I can help you.

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