Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Oh No, Locked Inside...

Lol, my little Lina<3 is all locked up in your play zone play yard. Mommy deserved this (you deserved a new toy as well) and was tired of running after you, as you crawl so fast. This play zone is to keep you safe; away from the bottom steps of the stairway; and keep from crawling everywhere. As soon as we got the package, you mesmerized by it and wanted to play with the box. The set up was very easy and took about ten minutes and there were no screws. You even helped Mommy set it up :) Once it was all set up, Mommy put you in there, you smiled and thought it was interesting at first and then cried when Mommy left your sight. The play zone is nice, bright colors, a panel for Lina<3 to play with, music and lights that will keep you interested and engaged. When it is enclosed, it looks small, but Mommy leaves it open between two couches to make play area bigger yet still keep you safe. The play zone is secure enough and would not topple over my baby. With this play zone, Mommy is hoping that it will teach to you to play by yourself more (not that Mommy does not want to play with you, Mommy just can not play with you all the time, sometimes you have to learn to do things by yourself, with guidance). Mommy is glad you do not have to follow me everywhere. Lina<3 likes the play zone and is learning how to pay by yourself. You do not stay in there for too long, as you do get restless and bored easily.
(Lina<3 waiting patiently for her new toy to be open.)
(Setting up.)

("play first, then set up"-Lina<3)
(Lina's<3 locked inside the play zone.)
("I see you" Lina<3)

(The play zone opened up.)

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