Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Early Riser

Erg... Lina <3 my love, why are you such an early riser? Sometimes it is so early like in the middle of the night around 2a.m., 3a.m., 4a.m., 5a.m. or 6a.m. But I should be lucky that once you wake up and you tend to go back to sleep after staying up a little while and a feeding. In the past, you would wake up and stay awake for 2hrs and play before going back to sleep.

Today it was 6:30a.m. which is normal for you to wake up between the hours of 6a.m. to 8a.m., but for some reason it was incredibly hard for me to wake up with you. So Daddy took care of you when you were up and about. Maybe because it was that you did not have a good night last night and Mommy had to take care of you. Maybe Mommy was overtired. Maybe Mommy just wanted to sleep in, which is something I will never get to say ever again, lol. Maybe, maybe, maybe... who knows. Lina <3 comes first!

As experiments, we tried different bed times, to see if you would still wake up early in the mornings. The conclusion was that if you have a terrible night, you would sleep longer in the mornings and wake up around 7-9a.m. If your night was good, you tend to wake up earlier. It is funny, regardless of the hour you wake up in the mornings, you have to take a nap 1-2 hours later, sometimes sooner. We tried cutting down to two naps a day instead of three but that just makes you overtired and cranky.

Mommy is hoping that you will become a better sleeper as you get older. Your Daddy and I would love to get a good night sleep.

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