Saturday, September 1, 2012

Feeding Yourself

Oh My Goodness, Lina<3, you fed yourself today. After your dinner, Mommy gave you some organic Morning Os (like Cheerios) to play with on your tray while Mommy cook Daddy's dinner. You have been picking at the cereal with your fingers but had not been able put it in your mouth. The cereal in your hand always come close to your mouth, miss your little mouth, and falls on the floor or onto your highchair. For the past few weeks, Mommy had been sitting in front of you and showing you how to pick up the cereal with your fingers. Today, you finally got it right, you were able to actually pick up the cereal with your fingers and put it in your mouth. It was so adorable watching you feed yourself. You picked up one cereal with your right hand, held it with your right palm, and brought it to your mouth but was unable to put it in your mouth with one hand. So you used both hands, and fumble that one cereal around in your palms until it got close enough to your mouth and you shove it in your mouth. You had focus so intently at your hands that I did not know what you were doing at first. You did all this while Mommy was busy cooking. After eating that first one cereal by yourself, Mommy said "Yay!" And congratulated you while smiling; and you smiled and laughed back at me :) You ate at least 5-6 more grains of cereal all by yourself while Mommy was cooking. You did not want to pick it up and eat while Mommy was watching you lol, silly little girl got shy when I would watch her pick it up and eat. So Mommy cooked and watched you in the corner of my eyes, as you pick up the cereal and drop a few, eat one, drop a few and eat another and so forth.

Mommy is so proud of my little Lina.

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