Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chinese Mid Autumn Festival

A little bit of the Chinese culture for my little Lina<3. The family had a very nice dinner at PorPor's (grandmother in Cantonese) house. Lina<3 loves spending time over there with PorPor, GongGong (grandfather in Cantonese). You ate your food, while PorPor cooked our food. You got new toys today, which you love to explore.

The Chinese Mid Autumn Festival is one of two big Chinese holidays (the other is Lunar New Year). Like in any culture, holidays brings family closer to together and remind that families are important.

The following link will tell you more about the history and origin of the holiday, (I apologize that this link is a travel agency website but it was the most descriptive):

It is also about eating moon cake, which is a type of pastry. Lina<3 is too young to taste them this year, plus I have concerns about you having an allergic reaction to it. But you did admire the moon cake and enjoyed playing with the container it came it, which has become part of your toy collection, lol. 

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