Monday, October 1, 2012

Lina's Minimalistic Bedroom

Lina<3 you finally have your own room :) Yay!! Daddy and I are sadden that you will not in the same room with us (you had slept with us for 10 months), and happy that you have your own room. Although you may not be in the same room with Daddy and I, you must know that we are never too far away from you, and always a whimper away, lol. We are equip to hear your every squeals, cries, screams, giggles, and laughter through the baby monitor.

The room is not very decorative, but it is sufficient enough because all you really need is a crib to sleep in; an area for your toys, books, diapers, and moisturizers; drawers to put your clothes in; and a mirror for you to see yourself, and wave to yourself. I doubt that you notice the lack of embellishments in your room as long as you can play with your toys, and a mirror to look at.

Your first night in your own last night was worrisome for Mommy because I wanted to know that you were okay behind the closed door. Mommy managed to peeked in on you once and you did not wake up. I had hope that you would sleep well and not be afraid when you wake up in the middle of the night and not see Mommy next to you. You slept four hours straight, and then another five hours after a waking up and a feeding.

With your own room, Daddy and I hope that you will sleep better on your own, and sleep through the night.

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