Sunday, October 28, 2012

UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller

Two weeks or so with the UPPAbaby Cruz stroller, and Mommy loves it. I hope that you are enjoying it as well. From the looks of the pictures below, it looks like you are comfortable. Majority of time, you like to sit upright (there are a few different recline positions, which is a plus when you fall asleep) because it allows you to see everything. We take daily walks when it is nice outside. It was so exciting for the first week that we took walks twice a day. The stroller goes wherever Lina<3 goes and Lina<3 goes wherever Mommy goes, such a great domino effect. We even went to the laundromat (your first time at the laundromat-the last picture).

It is a very practical stroller, easy to use ,and lightweight. It is easy to open and close the stroller, must be facing forward in order for it to fold properly, although it does fold when it is rear facing but it will not be flat like it is suppose to be. There were a lot of comments about the stroller not being able to stand upright when folded, people, you have to leave the handle bar extended for it to stand properly. It is easy to put the seat in a rear facing or forward facing position, (always with my baby not in the seat, you sit after Mommy positions the seat). The wheels on the stroller has good suspension for the uneven sidewalks. The sunshade is fantastic, extends very well to block out the sun, and my little Lina<3 would still be able to see. The different reclining seat positions is fine, and easy to move from upright position to lied down flat even with my baby sitting in it. The five point harness is easy to use even when you are squirming around in the seat and trying to stand in the seat. It is easy to unfold the stroller, I also learn not to scratch the footrest too much by opening the stroller upright, and not when it is flat on the floor, which leads to more scratches on the footrest. Although my stroller, oh I meant Lina's<3 stroller, has some scratches already, boo :( I guess that is just a everyday wear and tear that will come with it. 

Look for more updates on the UPPAbaby Cruz as Lina<3 continue to use it.

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