Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bath Time

It has always been a fight getting you to take a bath. You cried, and fussy a lot. As you got older, you struggled even more, scratched a lot, and cried hysterically when placed in your bath tub. Now with the support of the Scratch Me Not community (much appreciation to those ladies who had helped with this), I had learned to use the mittens during the bath time so Lina<3 does not break her skin with the scratching. Using a bath thermometer, to test the temperature of the water. Mommy uses extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) in the bath, to help keep you skin smooth and moist. Using a lot of toys to distract you from scratching, and distract from the fact that you are taking a bath. Sure enough after two or three times, of bathing, it got easier, and hopefully more fun. You started to play with toys :)
You do not bathe every day, as it will dry up your skin too fast, which will be bad for your eczema symptoms. Bathing every two to three is enough and does not bathe for long, no more than ten minutes. Things are getting easier, if only you would stop the scratching!

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