Monday, October 8, 2012

First Shoes

Shoes, why do babies, who do not know how to walk, need them? Besides baby looking cute in shoes, there's really no need for them. Daddy and I thought that it was not a necessary purchase when you were born, or even after a few months old. I heard from other parents that, you'll just continue to buy, buy and buy, (if choose to buy shoes) because babies' feet are always growing and at a rapid pace. 

My 10months baby, finally got her first pair of shoes, actually two pairs yesterday. The shoes are so cute. Lina<3 tried them on at the store and was fine with it on her feet. Lots of trail and error while trying on shoes for you. The shoes that we settled on were not too big or too small, just perfect for you.  One pair of pink boots, and one pair of gray and pink shoes. When we got home from the store, I laid them down in your play area, so you can get accustom to them. You picked it up, played with it, and put it in your mouth. As soon as Mommy put in on your foot, you looked startle, scared and disconcerted. You ran right into Mommy's arms, held me so tight as you were crying and screaming. My poor baby does not want your foot to feel constricted. It is like the big red ball incident all over again. Mommy took off the shoe right away and placed it next to you, but you were too frighten to take more than one look at it.

Today, you played with the shoes again. You tossed it around, and put it in your mouth. Mommy put one shoe on your foot, you were not so hysterical this time but still did not like it at all. You ran right into Mommy's arms and took off the shoe. After some time, Mommy tried to put the shoe on your foot again, you stared at it for a few minutes and then cried. It was time for a walk and Mommy put your pink shoes on while outside, hoping to distracting from hysterically crying and it worked! Your shoes stayed on and you did not even notice them that much. After the walk, when we got home, and Mommy placed you on the floor without taking your shoes off, you did not move an inch from where Mommy had left you. After a while, you started to move a little and started to cry when you could not move around well. You started to pull at your shoes, and became really frustrated when the shoes would not come off. So Mommy loosen it for you as a way to help you take off your shoes. Still it was not loose enough for you to pull it off. Another loosening, (particularly off your feet), and yay, you took off your shoes, one at a time with some crying and frustration but you did it!

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