Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Potty Training

Lina<3 had been sitting on the potty for a few weeks now.
At first, it was difficult because you would not sit still on the potty chair for more than a few seconds. As soon as you fuss, and do not want to sit still, Mommy took you off your potty chair right away due to the fact that Mommy does not want to make you anal retentive (as sometimes it happens when potty trained to prematurely or so I had read).
Now you go peepee in the potty two to three times a day out of four to five times you sit on the potty chair. You can stand to sit on the potty chair for a longer period of time, but no more than a few minutes. You are wearing Huggies Pull Ups which I think are helping you. On days when Lina<3 does not wear your pull ups, you go peepee in potty once or twice. You are starting to realize that you go potty, you look down as it happens. I am so proud of my baby girl.
Mommy sings a made up potty song for Lina<3 which helps to distract her from scratching and from fussing too much while sitting on the potty chair.

“Potty time, potty time, Lina’s<3 going potty time.

Potty time, potty time, Lina<3 is sitting in  your potty chair.

Potty chair, potty chair, Lina<3 is sitting in your potty chair.

Potty chair, potty chair, Lina’s<3 doing peepee time

Peepee time, Peepee time, Lina<3 is going peepee.

Peepee time, peepee time, Lina’s<3 going peepee this time”.

This song does not always distract you, nor do you go peepee after the song is over. Sometimes, you go right away, other times, it takes you longer or it does not happen at all,.
The funniest thing was when you learned how to get up from your potty chair, after Daddy interrupted your potty time and encouraged you to stand up from that chair. That happened one time, and now you get up whenever you can from your potty chair, especially when you do not go right away.
trying to get up from your potty chair
first pull ups first peepee in your potty chairfirst fulled pullups

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