Monday, October 8, 2012

Stroller Search

When you were born, your Daddy and I thought you were too young for a stroller so we had settled with a Baby Bjon carrier. Mommy carried you whenever we went out and about. We went for walks in the carrier. But now using that carrier for your little 18-19lbs behind, is getting to Mommy's back and shoulders. Even carrying you in Mommy's arms makes Mommy's arms ache (but developing muscles, lol). You and I can not go for long walks like we use to.

So it is time to shop for a stroller.

Daddy and I were very fickle minded about the brand of stroller but one thing that we really wanted was one that can face both direction: forward and back (facing Mommy). We thought that at your young age it made sense to have our Lina<3 facing us in your stroller when we go out. We want to be able to speak directly to her and see her facial expressions. For a few months, we did our research on different strollers from branded names one to less expensive ones online first. Customer reviews were extremely important for us as well (we wanted to learn about other parents experiences with their strollers/carriages). We went to stores to look at a few and came up empty. We did more research and read more customer reviews on different strollers. We must had looked at over 20 strollers over the past few months.

We went to the BuyBuyBaby store in Garden City, Long Island, and finally settled on a UPPAbaby Cruz stroller, after testing it out and strapping you in. It is so practical and nice as well. It seems like it will hold up for years to come, for as long as our little Lina<3 needs it.

The key items that we look for in a stroller were:
- back and forward facing seat
- canopy for the sun or rain (this one has a UV shield)
- must be the color red
- easy to fold
- not too heavy
- not flimsy or poorly made
- removable cup holder and tray for bottle or sippy cup and snacks
- large basket under the stroller
- fashionable

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