Saturday, October 27, 2012

Frantically Scratching, Allergic to Eggs?

Today had been a nightmare, from 11:30am to 1pm. It has been non stop scratching. If Mommy was not holding your hands, (even though you had Scratch Me Not Mittens on) you scratched.
After your nap, you were scratching you a storm. At first, Mommy thought that it was because you had pooped but after cleaning you up, you were still scratching. It was so crazy, watching you scratching, and seeing that you how uncomfortable you were in your own skin. You probably knew how extremely difficult it was to moisturize you and put your diaper back on. Ahh, I am sorry Mommy can not do more to help you. Seeing you scratch in a frenzy (even after the diaper change), Mommy decided to wash you up with Cetaphil Restordam Body Wash. Yet it did not make you feel better nor did it make you stop scratching. You were still going crazy with the scratching, Mommy went crazy with the "stop scratching", "ahh", "stop!!" and tried to distract you as much as possible when trying to moisturize you after the bath. Mommy had you aired out your body after the bath, in hopes of trying to make you feel better and less itchy. Nope, you had scratched so much that your skin on your thighs and diaper area were beet red, inflamed, irritated, bumpy, and hot! Mommy put ice on those areas hoping to make it feel better, and it did for a little while before you started scratching again. On your skin, hydrocortisone cream (1%), unpetroleum jelly (an organic petroleum jelly like) and Cetaphil Restordam Body lotion were applied.
Mommy was wondering what was the cause of all this sudden scratching. Ah-ha you had tried some tiny bits of eggs earlier (hormone free eggs), could that be the reason for all the scratching?  Not sure of the reason but you were still scratching. After the bath, and diaper changed, Mommy hoped that putting you in the play area, it would distract you from all the scratching, but it did not. Mommy kept your mittens on but you still scratched. The way you scratched is scary, you not only scratch but you pinched, grabbed a chunk of skin and pull which sounded painful especially as you pulled your skin. Your feet even helped you scratch, scratched your legs, while your hands scratched your upper body, such coordination, lol
You even had a visitor (a cousin) stopped by and still it was not distracting enough. Scratched a lot. Took off your pants, hoping the cool air might help relieved your skin (with a visitor in the house too, lol). When that did not work well, Mommy applied baby cornstarch on your legs. It did distracted a little bit, you also warmed up to your cousin, and interacted and played with her. Daddy could not distract you from scratching, and could not make you stop scratching. Drinking water helped a little as well, you drank from Daddy's glass. All your toys were not enough to distract you from scratching either. After a visit from your cousin, Lina<3 and I went for a walk and that helped a lot. You did not scratch at all during the entire walk. When we got home, your scratching was a  minimum. I wish I could say that the scratching had stopped.
I think you are allergic to eggs, which lead to the frantic scratching, scratching lead to the raised bumps, redness on your skin, which made you even itchier.  This is the worst scratching/itchiness/allergic reaction ever. If you are allergic to eggs, it will be your third allergic reaction to foods (first, organic pear, second, organic yogurt).
Anyhow, Mommy changed your clothes three times during this ordeal, changed your crib sheet, disinfectant your crib, disinfectant your toys that stay on the crib.

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