Monday, October 22, 2012


Your two pairs of shoes, it took you about a week for you to get use to them, on and off your feet. It took you some time to get used to wearing them, and to allow Mommy to put the shoes on your feet. Every day since the first day, you got your shoes, you played with it, you wore it. Now you are pro, you move around in your shoes, and it does not hold you back any more.
(the first day showing off your shoes, it was hard to put them on your feet as you cried very loudly, so we went outside first and then put on your shoes-much easier to do)
(after our walk on the first day of showing off your shoes, Mommy put you down for a few seconds, and you did not move an inch, you were all stiff, and staring at your shoes a lot)
(standing, crawling, and moving around in your shoes, very exciting as you already took Mommy's phone)

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