Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Learning New Words and Phrases

After saying "dada" for the first time , it is time to learn other words for my little Lina<3, such as mama, lol. You are learning to understand more and more each day.

I believe that you are starting to say "mumumm" which means mama and then you said, "ma". Two days ago, said "mama" while in the living room, and standing up during playtime in the evening.

You had said "hi" yesterday while waving to yourself in the mirror in your own room. Repeating after Mommy, it is so cute, because you had said "hi" in a high pitch squeal.

These three words are so amazing to hear and still you say "dada" more often. It is so exciting and I am saying a lot of easier words, mostly one or two syllable words, so that you can catch on easily. I am also speaking Cantonese phrases to you along with the English phrases. Mommy wants you to be bilingual. Some of the common phrases are good morning, how are you, did you sleep well, potty time, pee pee time, food, time to eat, milk, apple sauce, water, playtime, nap time, clean up, brush your hair, look, up and down, open and close, and etc.. Mommy talked to you all the time, when you get up in the mornings, after naps, during meals, playtime, potty time, changing clothes, bath time... basically all the time. (wow Mommy sure gets tired from talking, lol.) Isn't fun listening to Mommy talk you? Sometimes you respond, and other times you just look at me like you have not the slightest idea what I am saying, or what I am doing. Mommy loves it when you response with babbling words, with squeals, with laughter, with smiles, with giggles, or just loud noises from you banging your toys.

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