Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Pediatrician

The decision to change pediatrician was something that should had been done months ago.
The reasoning for the change of a pediatrician:
lack of attention/concern towards Lina<3
not too thorough during checkups
not too helpful with eczema symptoms and what to do, besides moisturizing
does not interact with Lina<3 well

Lina<3, you met your new pediatrician today. The appointment went well. Lina<3 did not gain much weight (only 4oz) but did get longer in length and circumference of head got bigger (my little big head). You cried a lot because you were in a new environment, and with new procedures being done at the office. The doctor did apologized for making you cry. This new doctor was more receptive towards Mommy's concern about your eczema, and gave us recommendations to see an allergist and a dermatologist. "Control the itch, and control the scratching": doctor said. Mommy and Daddy likes the doctor. The ultimate plus is that the office is within walking distance. Hopefully the next appointment will be easier for my little Lina<3 with less crying.

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