Sunday, October 28, 2012

Moisturizing Process

The very long moisturizing process is a 24/7 daily, three to five times a day (more if needed) necessity.
The process begins in the morning when you wake up and ends at bedtime, sometimes one more time in the middle of the night if you're extremely uncomfortable. Mommy moisturized you majority of the time, as I am the one who take care of you. On occasions, Daddy will take over.
The process goes like this:diaper changed, cleaned up your diaper area, wiped down your body-head to toes completely with a damp wash rag, used Alba UnPetroleum Jelly on skin first then Cetaphil lotion (only use hydrocortisone cream-1% or baby cornstarch when needed, before the unpetroleum jelly), change out of your pajamas into your play clothes.

After meals, your face and hands are wiped down and moisturized again.
This process sounds easy, right, but it is not, when you rolled, turned, squirm around, kick my hands, push my hands away, and fussy. It is repeated throughout the day, before and after nap time, during diaper change.

Please comment if there's a different way of moisturizing or tips that may be helpful for my little Lina<3 eczema.

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