Saturday, October 27, 2012

obsession with your socks

Socks, what is the deal with them? Lina<3 loves her socks, Mommy's and Daddy's sock, but mostly yours. These socks used to keep your hands from scratching before you learned how to pull them off your hands. These socks keeps your little piggies (toes) warm before you starting taking them off your feet.  Now, it is the go to when you need a distraction. The socks keeps you calm and entertain. You hold it in your hands, drag it around and carry it around while you play. Pink socks, white socks, it keeps you quiet and content, the more the better. You take off the socks on your feet because you want it in your hands instead. Besides holding the socks, you put it in your mouth, put it against your face, put it in your toy box and take it out, toss it away from you and tried to shove it in Mommy's or Daddy's face when either of us is playing with you.

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