Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Teething and Refusal to Eat

Another struggle/battle with my little Lina<3 every time you eat. Today during breakfast and lunch, it was so hard to feed. At breakfast you refused to eat all your cereal, your milk and water. At lunchtime, you did not even take one bite of your food. Just some sips of water and Morning Os (organic Cheerios). The Morning Os has become a staple to your every meal: breakfast, lunch, snack time, and dinner.

The battle sometimes begins as soon as you are put into your highchair, and strapped into it (most of the time, it is because you want to stay in Daddy's or Mommy's arms, I think).  Once you are in the highchair, it is sometimes a indication for you to scratch, scratch, and scratch. The foods are always ready for you to eat but you usually shake your head back and forth as your mouth is shut tight. Daddy and I try everything to get you to eat or just take one spoonful. The things that your Daddy and I do (mostly Mommy, since I am the one that feeds you most of the time) are different noises, dances moves, (yes, Daddy and I have dances moves, lol), different songs, different movements with spoon (like the airplane, going high and low), different utensils (your silicon spoon, regular spoon, fork and even chopsticks-have to be extremely careful and tried it once or twice), pretending to feed you from my plate, and giving you your milk first and then food. These things work some of the times, but other times, nothing works and you just end up eating your Morning Os, and some water. Even the Morning Os, you do not always eat because once you start to drop them on the floor, you'll do it over and over again instead of eating it. Sometimes, you rather feed Daddy or Mommy the Morning Os by putting it into our mouths, so cute. Mommy try changing the temperature of the food (cold applesauce, warm food, not too warm), but it does not always work.

This whole not eating business requires more nursing in between meals, during meals, and after meals. You are depleting the milk source, slowly but surely. The important thing is that you are not losing weight and your teething processing does not seemed to be bothering you that much (your fifth and sixth teeth may be coming soon).

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