Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shopping with PorPor

Another day spent with PorPor (Cantonese for grandmother). This time, PorPor was taking Lina<3 shopping for winter wear, it was the first time shopping with PorPor :)  Yesterday, it started with going to PorPor’s house in the morning after we ate breakfast, changed, and moisturized. Before leaving the house, she gave you her credit card to hold, and you looked so happy (to go shopping, lol just kidding, you were happy because it was something new for you to hold) with smiles. We went to Gap to exchange a jacket that PorPor had brought because it was a boy’s jacket and not very cute; with something else that was cuter, and girly (that PorPor picked out). It was such a cold and windy day. Lina<3 was dressed in many, many layers. Off the Macys we went in Herald Square by taking the train. We took all the elevators as you were in your new UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller. You had fun watching every thing from your seat in the stroller. You were able to turn your head left, right, back and front. It was also the first day out with the new UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller. Macys, it was your first time, and I am sure you did not even notice as there were so many things for you to focus on, like the thousands of people on the streets and the cars. PorPor brought you very nice things, and you kissed PorPor to say thank you. We also went to H&Ms. After a long day of shopping, we went back to PorPor’s house for dinner, and went home when your Daddy came to picked us up. Lina’s<3 all set for winter, thanks to PorPor.
It was a good day for shopping, although it was cold and windy. Lina<3 had a great time with PorPor as you love spending time with her.
Overall the first day with the UPPAbaby Cruz Stroller was great. It was easy to fold up, and open up. It was easy to move around. It was able to fit into smaller spaces. It looked comfortable for my little Lina<3 which is the most important. The stroller did end up with some scratches, already, on the first day out, ahh, (Mommy and OCD, lol) :( The basket on the stroller is fantastic, and very spacious.

<—Lina<3 with PorPor’s credit card

<—getting use to your shoes, started to move around, it is also your first hoodie
Below pic, standing in your shoes, getting comfortable in them

<—subway station

<—sleeping after a long day in stroller :)

Below pic, sitting in your stroller

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