Friday, October 5, 2012

Teaching Through Play

Playtime is always fun for Lina<3 rather you are playing on the floor or on Mommy's bed. And it is also a time for Mommy to teach you to do things by showing you. With your increasing attention span and focus on one toy at time, one game at a time, it is definitely time to teach, teach. 

There is a new play area set up with the play zone, and the play mats with different colors, alphabet letters and numbers. Mommy sings the "ABCs" to you every day, and count your fingers and toes (with the toes, we play "Little Piggie"-this little piggie went to the market...) There are colors everywhere, and tried to name a few for you each day.

You have shape sorters, stacking toys, and as well as blocks. Mommy is trying to teach you shapes, and colors which is harder for you to grasp. Stacking toys are fun for you to knock over and pull apart, but you have not learn to stack the toys on top of each other yet.

You can emptied out your toy box, when you want to and put toys back into your toy box. If Mommy puts toys into your toy box (which had been emptied), you do not like it, and starts to pull things out.

Learning to play with the ball is fun, but most of the time you just want to put it in your mouth. Balls (different sizes) are fun to roll, from Mommy to you, from you to Mommy (which you rolled back to Mommy a few times, sometimes it is not exactly at me, but as long as you are rolling the ball the away from you, it is already a big step.)

Peek-a-boo is fun to play, with some many different variations (like hiding behind the couch, and popping up to surprise you; turning around and back to you again to surprise you; hiding behind my hand; covering and uncovering your eyes; putting a blanket over your head and pulling it away; hiding your toys underneath a blanket; hiding your toys behind your other toys) . You  finally grasp the the game of peek-a-boo and even initiated it :) You love putting the Mommy's blanket over you and hide yourself, and then when Mommy asks "where's Lina<3?" you surprise me and pull the blanket away from your face so Mommy can see you.  It is so much fun listening you giggle and laugh.

Push toys, eh, who needs them, you have one push car, which you do not really play with, but likes it when Mommy plays with it, you rather push your toy box, your walker, your Huggies Pull Ups box, and your other toys.

You love to be chased by Mommy. Mommy crawls after you, and you move so fast.

With two new toys from Fisher Price and Playskool, Lina<3 is learning how things put things through mailbox and window, how to open and close the door (mostly open the door), turn the light/song on and off, how to slide the window up and down, how to press buttons, how to spin things around, and how to put toys down a tube.

It is so much fun to watch you play, with or without Daddy and Mommy. Repetition is good for you but not too repetitive because Mommy does not want you to get bored (oh wait, do babies get bored? hmm).

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