Saturday, October 27, 2012

Better Afternoon and Evening

After such a crazy late morning to early afternoon of frantically scratching, it was a piece of cake the rest of the day. Taking a walk helped distract you a lot. It led to less scratching. Preparing for you nap was easy and there was minimum scratching (but a different scratch that you do whenever you are lying down for a diaper changed). The raised bumps, redness, and itchiness on your diaper area, thighs, and neck had disappeared. During the diaper change, you were able to be distracted from scratching with your toys. You were playful, and there was no crying. It was such a relief that you were smiling and in a good mood.
Yay! Lina<3, Daddy and I are glad that you feeling much better. I still do not know what the cause is, it may be the eggs so for the time being, there will no more trying new foods and no more eggs. 

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