Friday, August 3, 2012

The Big Red Ball

I have an exercise ball, and thought it would be interesting to show it to Lina <3 and let her play with it, if she wants to.
(running away from the big red ball)
So I had introduced it to her, by setting it down next to her, and she just looked at it. Then I put her across the living room, and I rolled it to her. It bounced off her head, she was so scared, and cried out immediately, and ran away from it.
(comforting my baby)
(Lina <3 look suspiciously at the big red ball)

I went to comfort her right away, and told her that it was okay. After she stopped crying, I tried to show her that the big red ball is okay to play with, and guided her hand to touch it, but she cried even more, and held onto me tighter. It was so cute to watch her expressions.

Lina <3 go bouncy on the big red ball. She does not like it at all. Tears were coming out :( 

The next day, I tried to show her the big red ball again, and set it down next to her. She still cried and ran away from it. It was so cute to watch lol. She cried so much, I hope that it was not traumatizing. I hope that if I keep showing her the big red ball, she'll learn to play with it, and like it.

P.S. to Lina <3 ::::: I hope that when you gets older and look at this post, you'll enjoy the pictures and tried and remember this moment ::::: Love Mommy.

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