Wednesday, August 8, 2012


My baby is 8 months old now, and she is doing many things. Climbing things has been fun for her. She usually climbs on Daddy and me. We are her favorite things to climb especially in the mornings or at night time when she is playing on our bed. Climbing pillows is exciting, because it could lead her closer to the remotes, cellphone, telephone on the night stands. Often times she would let out a loud shriek or squeal of excitement.
 Climbing the steps
(first time learning how to climb as Mommy show her.  She first learned how to pull herself up to standing position then learned to climbed.)
(trying to climb stairs by herself)
(almost an expert.  She now crawls very fast to the steps when she thinks Mommy is not watching her, but I am.)
She enjoys climbing those first two steps especially if there is something worth exploring on the platform like a toy, or a laundry basket left there temporary, or a bag of toiletries. An expert at climbing, almost and it took a week to learn and climb. That first step, she can climb with ease, and does it fast. The second step is a little bit of a struggle for her, takes longer, and a little more effort.

The following two pictures were added the day after this post, August 9, 2012 (therefore the distinction in the two different fonts)
(on the second step of bottom steps)
(She is onto bigger things, climbed the first step of the stairs.)
My baby got to the second step with practice and determination. Of course, Mommy is always nearby. Hooray!!! It feel so good to watch her get to that second step of the bottom two steps. I know it was a challenge for her, but with Mommy cheering her on, she did it! I explained to her that she should not climbed the stairs without Mommy because it is dangerous.

This is such a wonderful experience for her as she is learning more and more independence but it just makes Mommy worry. Daddy and Mommy will need to keep a closer eye on our baby. Climbing is great but it can be very  dangerous (for my baby) and nerve-wrecking (for Daddy and Mommy).

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