Thursday, August 30, 2012

Running Errands With Mommy...

Lina <3 loves being outside the house :) We do not go out that often. When we do, we do big things. Lina <3 ran some errands with Mommy. You were friendly with strangers that we meet when we were running around. You smiled and stared at them as well as made faces. We went to the bank and the supermarket. Of course, this is not Lina's <3 first time at either places because wherever Mommy goes, Lina <3 goes.

At the Bank
(Lina <3 "works hard for the money")

At the Supermarket
(Lina <3 looking for snacks to buy, just kidding)
(hmm, watermelon, Lina <3 helped Daddy pick out watermelon)

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