Friday, August 31, 2012

Crawling Everywhere

Lina <3, you are crawling now, Yay! It was fun watching you learn how to crawl the right way (on your hands and knees), instead of slithering around the floor on your big belly. But you are a little trouble maker. You crawl everywhere. EVERYWHERE! It was exciting to watch you crawl around and explore the living room, dining room, kitchen, and in the hallway but it is troublesome and tiresome. Actually it is still amazing to watch you explore new things and different areas of the house but Mommy have to keep a closer eye on you. It is a little exhausting chasing after you (okay, I admit it, it is very exhausting keeping up with you, lol but I love it!)

This last couple of weeks you learned how to crawl underneath things, like the coffee table, your highchair, the dining room table, the kitchen table, your activity gym, and between our legs. It was funny (and cute) watching you try and go underneath things because in the beginning you had a hard time figuring out how to lower you head so you do not bump your head on the top of things. Now you do it so effortlessly, but sometimes you get trap underneath the table and Mommy have to come and rescue my baby. You also crawl over things, your toys, Daddy's and Mommy's legs or body, pillows and different obstacles that Mommy set up for you. You can crawl around things if you see that you can not crawl over it.

You crawl to me now :) At first, you would only crawl to Daddy. You also follow me if I leave the room, it so cute. You follow me if I am not sitting right there with you on the floor and playing with you. Mommy asked you to come, and majority of the time you do :) I love it! But there's a downside, you crawl so fast that, if I turn my head from where you are playing, you already moved half way across the room.
(slithering on your big big belly, and chasing after the soft ball)
(slithering on you belly around to your toys)
(finally crawling the right way, on hands and knees... Yay!)
(went underneath the activity gym and could not get out, it was so cute watching you figure it out lol)
(got half your body from underneath the activity gym)
(dragging the activity gym around the floor, as you tried to pull yourself out from underneath it)
(Mommy turned around for a second and you were already in another room, crawled so fast)
(crawling in hallway upstairs, and looking to explore the bedrooms)
(crawled underneath kitchen table)
Crawling, I had been waiting for you to do this ever since you were slithering on the floors. It is milestone but it is also a handful :) As tiresome as it is, chasing you around as you crawl, I love it so much. That's what Mommy do for her baby.

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