Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naming our Lina

We had decided on Lina's <3 name before she was even born but we kept it to ourselves. As soon as we found out the sex of our baby we went through a few girls' names but Lina <3 was special to us, and made the most sense.

Your name came from your grandmother (your Daddy's mother) who had passed away years ago. Although I did not have the chance to meet her either, your grandmother was a very nice lady and a great cook (as Daddy would say. His favorite was on Christmas Day, when your grandmother would make a wonderful Trinidadian black cake - that's not her recipe by the way, cannot give away family secret recipe- and he said that she used to hide it from him because he would eat all in one day. That, and as he is Trinidadian, anything curried ). Our home was Mama's (as everyone called her) and was everyone's second home. A lot of her grandchildren, and great grandchildren loved coming here and still do.

Dedicated to Mama, your grandmother. Rest In Peace.

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