Friday, August 31, 2012

PorPor's House...

Lina <3, you love spending time with your PorPor (grandmother in Cantonese). We like going to her house and try to go as often as we can. Of course, we get to see and spend time with GongGong (grandfather in Cantonese) and Kauhfu (uncle in Cantonese).
PorPor makes yummy things for Daddy and Mommy to eat, but not for you yet. You did try PorPor's brown rice there for the first time, and you liked it. We usually go there for dinner. Try to make it there earlier than dinnertime so you can spend more time playing with PorPor and GongGong. Kauhfu is usually not home most of the time. You still do not go to Kauhfu or GongGong easily and tend to fuss when they try to pick you up. With GongGong, you are warming up to him. You love it when PorPor plays with you, and holds you. PorPor likes to give you stuff to play with that Mommy do not approve of it, like fruits and vegetables you have not try yet because I am afraid of allergic reactions. PorPor makes you laugh, smile, and giggle. You are crawling around the floor of her house and had fun exploring.

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