Friday, August 31, 2012

"Smelling the Roses"

Lina <3 love to take walks around the neighbor. Walking is what Mommy does best. You go in a Baby Bjorn carrier, nice and secure. Mommy usually put long sleeves on you because the sun's ultraviolet rays are a killer and too strong at times. We usually take walks before 9am or after 3:30pm when the sun's ultraviolet ray's are not that strong. We took a long walk yesterday morning and your cheeks got a little tan lol. Lina <3 looked at the cars going by in the streets, the houses in the  neighborhood, the stores, the neighbors, and "smelled the flowers". Mommy point out different flowers out to you for to look at, majority of the time you do not look at the direction I am pointing at. We listened to different noises that the outside world makes, such as the sound of the cars going by, the airplanes flying over us, birds chirping, and dogs barking.

 Here's are some flowers that Lina <3 enjoyed looking at or Mommy likes lol

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