Friday, August 10, 2012

Food, Food, and more Food...

Breast milk from Mommy had always been your source of nutrition and food.  As you get bigger and older, it is time for solid foods. It was so exciting when Lina <3 first started solid foods. It was also sad, because it meant you are growing up...tear. At six months old, you were given oatmeal cereal along with breast milk. All the foods were (and will) be purchased from Whole Foods, because we want to stay as organic as possible, and stay away from any pesticides in the foods. 
Organic Oatmeal
(oatmeal cereal with breast milk in bottle, being fed by Daddy)
(oatmeal cereal with breast milk in bottle, being fed by Mommy)
Your first meal was oatmeal cereal in a bottle with breast milk. Both Daddy and I took turns to feed you. The consistency of the oatmeal in the beginning was liquidity, with mostly breast milk. After getting used to it, it was thicken with less breast milk and more oatmeal cereal. Then we started to feed you the oatmeal cereal with a bowl and spoon. At first you did not like it because you did not like the spoon going into your mouth. It is fun watching you make a mess, refuse the food, or push the food out with your tongue once it was in your mouth, which you still do sometimes.

Organic Sweet Potatoes
(puree organic sweet potato aka yams)
(pureed organic Korean sweet potato, aka Oriental sweet potato-depends on where you go to buy, they switch up the name but it is the same thing)

You love sweet potatoes. Yams was your first vegetable. Mommy have to mix the other vegetables with the sweet potato in order for you to eat them. This is the one vegetable that you are eating consistently. To make this, boil the sweet potatoes, save some liquid that used for boiling, then put it in the blender, and puree/liquify, (to make the consistency more puree, add some liquid; to thicken use less liquid or none at all), store in any freezer container (if choose to freeze the food). Later on, as Lina got older, I started to mash up the sweet potato instead, and it took a few tries for you to get use to that consistency.

Organic Baby Carrots
(puree organic baby carrots)
(eating organic baby carrots)
You do not like carrots so much. It was a always a struggle whenever the carrots come close to your mouth. Always make a big mess, and ends up all over your face and the bib. Even when mixed with sweet potato, you still do not eat all of it. To make it, use the same directions as the sweet potatoes. First Mommy puree and now we are mashing it up with a potato masher or a fork. 
First Sippy Cup and First time drinking water
(sippy cup filled with purified water)
The first time you had water, Daddy gave it to you from a water bottle which he slowly poured into your mouth. You loved it, it was something new and exciting. So we decided to buy you, your first sippy cup. Besides breast milk, you also drink purified water. There's always more water on your clothes then what you drink. It was fun teaching you how to hold the handles on side of the cups. Now you are a expert and hold it with one hand but often times you just dropped it on the floor and wait for Mommy to pick it up.

Organic Green Beans
(going to be steam, organic green beans)
(going to puree organic green beans)
(pureed organic green beans)
(eating puree organic green beans)
You do not like the green beans. It was something for you to try but had not eaten recently. Even mixed with sweet potato, you did not always eat the all your green beans. To make, follow same directions as the sweet potatoes. The green beans always end up all over face. lol cute though! but messy.

Organic Yu Choy
(going to steam organic yu choy, Chinese vegetable)
(puree organic yu choy, a Chinese vegetable)
Your first Chinese vegetable. You did not like it because it was bitter. Even mixed with sweet potatoes, you refused it after a couple of bits because you caught on to Mommy. You would close your mouth and turn your head back and forth whenever the spoon fill with sweet potato and yu choy came close to your mouth. To make this, use same directions as the sweet potatoes. We only try this a few times, will try this again in the future or another Chinese vegetable.

Organic Broccoli
(going to puree the organic broccoli)
(mashed up organic broccoli to see if she would eat it with her hands, she did not like it)
Hmm broccoli, you like it when it was puree, but now that it is mashed up, sometimes you like it when you want to chew and sometimes you do not like it. I even try to give it to you as a finger food so you can use your little fingers but it just end up on your highchair. You do like the feel of it on your hands because it was something different for you to hold, play and feel. One of the green vegetables that we consistently use. To make use the same directions as the sweet potatoes.

One of her meals, looks like a lot
(ate all this, and had been pureed)
Yes, baby, you tried some organic spinach. You did not like it. Always needed to mix sweet potato to it, in order for you to eat it. In order to make the organic spinach, use the same directions as the sweet potatoes. Foods were puree first then mashed up with potato masher or with a fork.

Organic Apples = Homemade Applesauce
(boiled organic apple to make applesauce...yumm)
No store brought applesauce for my baby. You like Mommy's homemade applesauce. It was mashed after being boiled. It is a little chunky but it is the consistency you are use to eating now. It is fun watching you move you mouth up and down, in a chewing motion :) make use of your two front teeth lol.

Finger Food
(finger food, 365 Everyday Value Organic Morning Os)
Oh my gosh! finger food time, wow, my baby has come a long way, from puree, to mash up to finger foods. You like to move Morning Os (like Cheerios but organic) around the tray on your high chair. It is a little hard to pick up the Morning Os with your little hands. Once you pick it up, you have not learn to bring it to your mouth. It's funny, you pick up the Morning Os with your hand, bring it to your mouth, miss the mouth and falls on the high chair. Mommy shows you how to pick it up with your fingers and put it in your mouth but sometimes you are not watching Mommy, instead you put your face downward towards Mommy's hand and open your mouth as if going to be fed. lol. With enough practice, Mommy knows you can do it!

Today's Breakfast
(breakfast, Gerber's organic oatmeal cereal with one organic banana; she could not wait to eat it so she came for it lol.)

Organic bananas, you like it a lot. At first you ate the banana by itself,  and enjoyed it. Bananas are mash up with a fork. Now, Mommy mix it with your oatmeal cereal and you love it! and always finishes it. We have brought a different brand of oatmeal cereal (as written underneath the last picture) which you seem to like better.

Organic Pears, we had tried as well but you had an allergic reaction to it. For the time being, we are not eating it anymore and will probably try later on.

Organic Avocado was a fun food for her to eat as well. It is such a great food for her with a lot of nutrition. She likes it a lot. Need to try it more often, but with one avocado, it take a few days to eat and sometimes it goes bad too fast. I have the picture but can not find so once I find it, I'll update it.

She had also tried Carolina whole grained brown rice, at pawpaw's (grandmother in Cantonese) house. It was fun. Mommy thinks you like to eat it and play with it. It was sticky, which is a new sensation for your little hands. There is a picture on Daddy's phone, so once I get the picture from him, it'll be updated

As seen in the pictures, Mommy is experiencing with a lot of vegetables, and will move on to more fruits, then meats (probably). It was fun for Mommy to make the foods for you :) Watching you enjoy it (or not) is an amazing experience. It is so cute watching you stick out your tongue, whenever the food come close to your mouth, to taste it first and then decide to open your mouth (or not) to receive the food. Seeing you make a mess drives Mommy crazy because Mommy do not like messes and tries not to clean you as soon as a mess occurs and just let you make a mess-it is what babies do, its what my little Lina <3 do. After eating, you do not like to be wipe down and always struggles so Mommy start singing "Clean up, Clean up" and you struggle a little less (just a tiny bit) and tolerate it more.

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