Friday, August 31, 2012

The Spice Rack

Getting to know one of your senses, smell. Lina <3, we smell with our nose. Your nose is the cutest nose. One day in the kitchen while Mommy is cooking, we decide to smell the spice rack. So get your little nose ready... and here we go...

You smelled cinnamon, Italian seasoning, black pepper that made you sneeze a lot, lol, paprika, parsley. garlic powder, you did not like so much, onion powder, and cumin powder, it's a West Indian thing, (from your father's side, lol), and you seemed to like it.

We did not try all these smells in one go. We spent a few days with the spice rack so that her little nose does not become overwhelmed.
(smelling cumin powder)
(smelling cinnamon powder)

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