Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Day at Walmart and the Mall

My baby started off the day early in the morning, crying her head off. I don't know why she cries sometimes in the mornings or others she does not, and wakes up smiling, and giggling. After taking care of her hygiene, she was fine, and giggled a lot. She played with Daddy and me. After playtime, she napped. Breakfast was Gerber's Organic Oatmeal Rice Cereal (it is a different brand of baby cereal than the one she was eating and seem to like it better than the Earth's Best Organic Oatmeal cereal) with pumped breast milk in a bottle, and purified water. She ate all her food without a fuss but sometimes she does fuss and refuse to finish her food, just want to grab the food, and push my hand away when food comes close to her mouth. Played on high chair while Mommy took care of the dishes. Another nap. Then lunch, mashed up sweet potato, and mashed up broccoli. Hmmm yummy!

Lina <3 loves to go outside, and enjoys looking around. We went on a errand at Walmart, and then to the Green Acres Mall.

Lina <3 sat on the shopping cart at Walmart for the first time :) after Daddy and I wipe it down first! Mommy is such a germ-a-phobe, everything needs to be wipe down before Lina <3 touches or sits on anything. Mommy was nervous that she would be scared of sitting on the cart or that she would wobble too much on it when the cart is on the move. She was fine as soon as Mommy put her into the shopping cart, and strapped her in. Everything around her kept her busy and stimulated.
(sitting a shopping cart for the first time at Walmart)
It was so interesting watching her turn her head, left, right, backwards, forwards, and sideways. Lol, her head did not stop turning, and her little hands were reaching for everything in the aisles. What she found most interesting were the little children running around the store, I wondered what she thought of that as she watched them run around. 
(At Walmart, sitting on the shopping cart)
At the mall, it was fun for my little one as well. Daddy carried you in his arms. She giggled, and laughed as Mommy made funny faces, and noises as we walked around at the mall.

(At Green Acres Mall, riding the escalator with Daddy)
(At the food court at the mall)
We won't talk about how Mommy forgot to bring some toys for you to keep you occupied while Mommy ate, when we were at the food court. Silly Mommy, but you did not fuss, or cry because Daddy did a good job keeping you happy, and occupied :)

It was a long few hours for my baby. She was tired, but unfortunately she is not a good sleeper, so she did not sleep that long when we got home. Barely an hour and she woke. Played with Mommy, and ate, then sleep again for a longer period of time :) Stay Asleeep!

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