Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Mommy's little Sous-Chef

Recently, I had let my baby into the kitchen and play on the floor. She crawls into the kitchen by herself and enjoys exploring the room with Mommy watching near by, of course. Usually she is in the kitchen during meal time or just hanging out on Mommy's or Daddy's lap. Now that she is familiar with the kitchen, she enjoys playing with the pots, pans, and cooking spoons by putting them in her mouth. Everything goes into that little mouth of hers, when she gets older, she'll be my taste tester when Mommy cooks. She is my little sous-chef. :) She is so adorable.
(first time playing with pots)
(to cook Lina <3 or not? just kidding. Although she is delicious, no one cooks my baby, just bitten only by Daddy and Mommy.)
(see... she likes to puts the pots, pans, and cooking spoon into her mouth lol)
(trying to mix things together in the pan... or reaching for something to put in her mouth.)
(by Mommy's feet and trying to help Mommy as Mommy cooks dinner)
("Dinner is ready"-Mommy and Lina <3, "come and get it" lol)

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